The Soft Drink
For Wine Lovers

Let Botonique be your Partner in Wine

Without grapes or alcohol, Botonique doesn't taste like wine, but rather complements it. The flavour is utterly unique.

Botonique delivers the food-friendly balance of dryness and acidity, complexity and long finish you normally only get from wine, while replacing nutrients that alcohol depletes.

It's a drink to be enjoyed alongside, in between, spritzed with or after wine - or whatever your preferred poison.

Best of all, although the flavour is quite different, you'll soon find that Botonique can satisfy the need for wine, or any of those other refreshing alcoholic drinks, helping you have those all-important two nights alcohol-free a week.

Botonique's mission is to help you drink less without loss of pleasure, while replacing nutrients that alcohol depletes.

Feed the Spirit

We all know that wine'o'clock feeling. You've worked hard and deserve a glass of something nice. Maybe you're dreaming of a G&T, Pimms, a dry white wine or something sparkling like Champagne or Prosecco. But you can’t or don’t want to drink alcohol right now.

So what can you have to drink? Most soft drinks are far too sweet and just dull compared with any of these – until Botonique.

Botonique is a sparkling blend of botanical extracts and nutrients, with just a touch of pear juice. Crisp & refreshing, deliciously dry.

IT’S DELICIOUS! A pageant of herb, spice and citrus notes from botanical extracts create a totally unique intriguing flavour. It's dry and complex like wine but with a unique flavour which people say reminds them of dry white wine, gin, vermouth, Champagne, tonic, Pimms and more. We think it tastes like nothing but itself, but agree that you’ll hardly believe it’s not alcoholic! 

And IT’S SO GOOD FOR YOU! Not only does Botonique help you take those all-important two days a week alcohol free, it can help you lose weight (just 17 calories in a Champagne flute) and, thatnks to added Prelixir nutrients and the botanicals themselves, top up vital nutrients that alcohol depletes.

Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, alkalysing, detoxifying, hydrating, digestive

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