G&T gets an upgrade


Ah, that’s nice! A warm summer’s evening with friends, G&T in hand. That first sip is just fantastic. And the second. But after a while.... is it just a little bit cloying? There’s a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners in that tonic, albeit balanced by the bitterness. Can the G&T be improved? Of course, it can! Just replace part of the tonic with Botonique. Try 50/50 then adjust to your taste. Personally, I favour about 75% Botonique, but then I like my drinks dry and complex.


Basic recipe

  • Plenty of ice
  • 50/50 tonic and Botonique
  • Gin to taste
  • Garnish with cucumber and lemon or lime

And how will that be better exactly?

  • Much healthier – all the benefits of the Prelixir nutrients in Botonique, helping replace those that alcohol uses up
  • Much tastier – There’s just so much going on in the Botonique with all those complementary botanicals. It can even help you go easy on the gin
  • Far fewer calories – Botonique has 14 cals per 100ml compared with 36-40 cals for normal tonic. And if you can reduce the gin that’s even better
  • Far more refreshing – No doubt about it. It’s hard to beat Botonique for refreshment