Christine’s review of the Scratch Meal Deal: Michel Roux & Botonique – a winning combination

Wednesday evening, 6 o’clock. Still two days to go until the weekend.

I shut down my laptop, leave work and by the time I have the key in my door to my flat, I hear my stomach rumbling. It's only Wednesday, still I can’t help but feel like today I should treat myself with some great food.

Luckily enough I am perfectly prepared. Yesterday I took delivery of the Ocado Scratch Meal Deal and now, a bottle of sparkling Botonique and one of Michel Roux’s cooking from “Scratch” Thai Green Curry are waiting for me in the fridge.  


About the Ocado Scratch Meal Deal:

I love Asian and Oriental food, but would never normally cook it myself. But that lovely man Michel Roux has produced a range of “Scratch” Asian and Oriental dishes take all the hassle out of preparing a delicious meal. No more “what shall I cook?” questions and no more hunting down the right ingredients.

Though tired, I got the satisfaction of cooking the meal myself with fresh ingredients, but without the stress or need for expertise. Portion sizes and flavour combinations are sorted and ingredients are already chopped for you.

At the moment Ocado are offering a “Scratch Meal Deal” for £10* –  a choice of 5 Michel Roux dishes covering Vietnamese, Korean and so on, plus a suitable bottle of wine or non-alcoholic alternative. Only one of each so they must have been picked carefully. I was tempted by the Chilean Viognier, but I chose non-alcoholic Botonique because it was a week day.

And I must say it went brilliantly. The herbs and gentle spice of Botonique coped well with the Thai spices, and that lovely dryness and acidity really worked with the richness of the coconut. Yum!

So that was my midweek treat, my reward for 3 days work and all set for the next two!

*The offer runs until 22nd February


Ocado Meal Deal Post.jpg

What is Scratch Michel Roux

-          Healthy cooking for 1 person

-          The promise: Ready from scratch in less than 10 minutes

-          Delicious ingredients already chopped and boxed

-          A fresh meal that keeps your kitchen clean

The perfect weekday dinner with an elegant glass of Botonique



“Some things were just meant to be together” - Ocado

The taste experience

As I'm a real lover of Thai food I tried the “Thai Green Curry” and was surprised by this meal. The “Scratch” meal literally felt like it was cooked from scratch. In contrast to many ready meals, the genuine Thai flavours and ingredients tasted really fresh and zingy, but it only took 10 minutes.

The meal amazed me with its nice creamy flavours and textures. Being a fan of spicy food, I would categorise this meal as mildly spicy but still very complex in its flavour. A sip of Botonique allowed the perfect refreshment alongside the meal and rounds off the overall taste experience with just the contrast in herbs that it needs.

I would recommend getting a starter to have first, maybe prawn crackers or spring rolls.

This will be my new go to meal if I can't be bothered thinking of anything else for dinner!
Also, thanks to Botonique, there will be no regrets the next day if I have a couple of glasses more than expected.