It's for Wine Lovers but it isn't Wine!

Botonique doesn’t taste like wine – no grapes or alcohol - though people say it reminds them of wine. They also say it reminds them in varying degrees of gin, vermouth, Pimms, tonic, ginger ale and various other things.

The truth is it doesn’t taste like anything else. It has a completely unique taste made from herbs, spices, citrus and other beneficial botanicals such as Panax Ginseng and Milk Thistle Seed, plus the Prelixir nutrients and a touch of pear juice.


So why is it called the Botanical Soft Drink for Wine Lovers?

Although it doesn’t taste like wine, Botonique complements wine in various ways. It is known as the soft drink for wine lovers because it:


a)       Has the complexity and food-friendly balance of dryness and acidity of dry white wine

b)      Fits in with a wine lovers’ rituals

c)       Looks like Champagne or Prosecco in the glass

d)      Makes a great wine spritzer

e)      Can be enjoyed alongside, in between or after drinking wine or other alcohol

f)        Can be an acquired taste, as with wine, but soon becomes addictive – but in a good way

g)       Can support wine lovers’ nutritional needs by replacing lost nutrients


It complements wine, but it isn’t wine.

We call it our Partner in Wine!