Summer Botonique Popsicle Recipes

Thanks to Anouk, Botonique's resident foodie

Botonique Bellini’s

This is the Botonique answer to the fabulous Italian drink with fresh peaches and prosecco. Tip: This makes a fantastic “apertif” to welcome your guests to your summer garden party!

What you need:

-        4 ripe peaches, peeled and roughly chopped in somewhat even chunks

-        About 2 cups of Botonique

-        Some sugar to your taste (tip: if the peaches are nice and ripe, no/ not much sugar is needed)

How to make it:

-        Heat the peach over low heat with the sugar until the almost fall apart, wait to cool a bit and then process in a blender.

-        Add Botonique and quickly blend in

-        Pour the mixture into the popsicle moulds 



“Virgin champagne popsicles”

Time to put smiles on your friends’ & families’ faces with these bright fruity popsicles. No sugar is needed for these popsicles, as the ripe sliced fruit will give you plenty of sweetness.

What do you need:

-        Red and black fruit to your taste – Tip: slices strawberries look very pretty in these popsicles

-        Botonique

How to make it:

-        Slice the fruit and “build” them into the popsicle moulds. Tip: put the fruit in diagonally and use some whole bigger berries like blackberries to distribute fruit all over the mould and still leaving enough room for Botonique

-        Poor over Botonique until the moulds are full

-        Carefully transfer to the freezer 😊.



Virgin or non-virgin “Gin & Botonique” with fresh cucumbers

These popsicles are strictly for adults; virgin or virgin, without added sugar. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth through, you can always infuse some sweetness. Tip: These popsicles make a great refreshment in between the main dinner and the pudding t a long Sunday roast with family or friends!

What do you need:

-        Cucumber

-        A good squeeze of lime juice

-        Gin

-        Botonique

-        Sugar/ Agave Syrup (easier to mix) to taste

How to make it:

-        Thinly slice the cucumber and put the slices into the popsicle moulds

-        Mix Gin, Botonique, lime juice and if you want sweetness (syrup is easiest to mix)

-        Poor the liquid over the cucumber and freeze.