Testing Blush Prototype at an inspiring event on International Women's Day

We served Botonique crisp, dry white with delicious garnishes to a room full of networking women and got excellent feedback about our soon to be launched Blush.
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Celebrating International Women’s Day with the Guardian


To feel inspired is a fleeting thing and happens once in a while depending on what it is that gives you inspiration.  Spring is about as inspiring as it gets, so is watching the Olympics and seeing someone’s lifetime goal achieved right there on the screen; but it’s not every day you listen to a bunch of women speaking about their experiences, saying in all truth what they have feared and faced with courage, how they’ve overcome prejudices and challenges with strength and how they now give back to others by sharing honestly and with love, giving a message of hope.   And not just acknowledging the problems and challenges, but going on to formulate really constructive solutions. That’s the spirit!

This was last Thursday when the all women team I work with attended an all women event for International Women’s Day at the super smart and very trendy offices of the Guardian on York Way, Kings Cross.  We were asked to supply Botonique,  so the women networking would have a non-alcoholic alternative that tastes unique and complex and is so much more exciting than sparkling water!  Why, oh, why do we have to drink sugary alternatives if you don’t fancy a glass of vino and why, oh, why is there only sparkling water as the choice for those determined to stay healthy?! #clearheadnetworking

I still feel uplifted and proud to have been a part of the evening and so proud to be part of Genius Drinks Ltd, taking Botonique to the bars, restaurants, health food shops, on-line platforms, pop-up bars, deli’s and most importantly wine shops so that there is more choice for those who want to #paceandreplace 

Botonique went down a storm at the Guardian ‘Women’s In…’ event.  We served it ice cold in champagne flutes, how it should be served, (this was the most popular) with a choice of garnishes: strawberry to bring out sweetness; orange zest to bring out bitterness; and lime, mint and cucumber which is the Botonique Sterling Serve – so refreshing and delicious. #demandmorechoice

We had great fun serving our Blush prototype and asking for comments which we will be using in our soon to be launched crowdfunding campaign.  The support was fantastic, we networked ‘til we dropped and Botonique made a lot of new fans.  A big thank you to the Guardian team for asking us to be a part of the evening. 


Posted by Danielle Weston-Webb