Yoga is all about BALANCING – both literally and metaphorically – and so is BOTONIQUE
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BOTONIQUE is a satisfying alternative to alcohol, something it's easy to switch to after a couple of drinks, which replaces the nutrients that alcohol - and other stressors of modern life - uses up. Hence its reputation as a BALANCING drink.It's made from herbs, spices, citrus, ginseng, milk thistle seed - botanicals that are super good for you - with added Prelixir nutrients. No added sugar or artificial sweeteners, and just 17 calories in a Champagne flute.

BOTONIQUE, with it's Champagne good looks, food-friendly dry crispness, its complexity and satisfying long finish, also makes it easy to have those alcohol-free days that we all should have, especially after yoga, and to enjoy going without alcohol altogether.

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