Original Crisp Dry White

How does it taste?

High notes from citrus and basil, base notes for panax ginseng and milk thistle seed, a host a flavours in-between from herbs and spices, and a long dry finish. A totally unique flavour that’s somehow reminiscent of sparkling white wine, gin, vermouth, and tantalising hints of many other half recalled flavours.

The Italian compliment for a good wine with lots going on is to call it a “vino di meditazione”. Botonique Crisp Dry White is a “soft drink di meditazione”

How to serve Crisp Dry White

  • STRAIGHT UP in a Champagne flute or wine glass, well chilled

  • Over ice and garnished with fresh mint, cucumber and lime, or a splash of elderflower cordial, a strawberry, or whatever creation takes your fancy

  • As a wine spritzer, 50/50 with a cheap house-style dry white will make the wine much more enjoyable with half the alcohol

  • A splash of a dessert wine such as a Moscatel for something approaching a Gewurtztraminer with a fraction of the alcohol

  • There’s no end to the scope for personalised creativity – there’s even fun to be had mixing with reds. Let us know your favourite serve for a chance to win a case of Botonique if we publish it.

Botonique Blush

How does it taste?

A welcoming bouquet of strawberry rose and bramble is matched by the front palate, followed by some of the complexity of the original, a lovely almost caramel note in the middle and a long, dry, crisp and refreshing finish.

How to serve Botonique Blush

  • STRAIGHT UP in a Champagne flute or wine glass, well chilled

  • Over ice and garnished with basil and pink grapefruit, a splash of cordial, with tonic, or whatever creation takes your fancy.

  • With a splash of red wine such as Malbec

  • With gin, tequila, or other white spirits. Blush is sensational with Mezcal Tequila.

Have fun!




Botonique is for all those of you who would love a “proper” drink but for whatever good reason can’t or don’t want to drink alcohol right now – whether you are the designated driver, breast-feeding, need to stay sober, feel you’ve drunk enough already, or just want to give your liver a break

A DRINK FOR WINE LOVERS - Botonique is best served chilled in a Champagne flute, where it looks like Champagne or Prosecco. Botonique comes in a 750ml wine-sized bottle and is great in any situations when you might otherwise drink a Sauvignon Blanc, Prosecco or other crisp & dry white wine.

A DRINK FOR FOODIES – Botonique is a great soft aperitif, but also perfect with sushi, many Asian and Oriental dishes, fish, seafood, goats cheese and antipasti.

A DRINK FOR CONNOISEURS – Feel free to lay some Botonique down in your cellar. It keeps well, and the flavours will evolve over time, as happens with good wines, the feisty and aromatic freshness of young Botonique giving way to something smoother but more complex in maturity. What’s your favourite stage?

Once opened, the bubbles will reduce and again the flavours will evolve over the next few days, as happens with good wines. (Keep refrigerated.) TIP: if you want to reduce the bubbles more quickly, just give it a stir.

A DRINK FOR CONSIDERATE HOSTS – Are you ever guilty of putting huge effort into the food and wine, then fobbing the non-drinkers off with mineral water or fruit juice? We’ve definitely done that, ashamed to say. Let’s put it right.


WHEN IT’S WINE-O’CLOCK, you really fancy a rewarding glass of white wine, Prosecco, a Pimms or a G&T, but you’re not drinking alcohol right now - THAT’S BOTONIQUE PRIME TIME.

ALL EVENING – have a whole night without alcohol. We are all told that taking two alcohol-free nights a week makes a huge difference to long term health.

LUNCHTIME – Is your lunch crying out for wine but you need to stay sober? Botonique is the answer.

As a PACER DRINK – keep a glass of Botonique next to your glass of wine (red or white). It will help you slow down wine consumption and is the only drink we know to actually complement most wines

END OF EVENING - after enjoying good wines and good food in good company, we find it really hard to stop drinking. But switching to Botonique is no problem at all. You’ll hardly notice it isn’t alcoholic.

For a SLOW START – staying off wine until you are eating is really beneficial

As a “SORBET DRINK” – if your pallet is getting overpowered by rich flavours, Botonique is a great palette cleanser