Enjoying wine is part of our love of life, right?

Happiness is healthy

We want to enjoy today, but also to continue enjoying so many days to come.

But there’s a balance to be struck, because the alcohol in wine isn’t really our friend in the long run (and sometimes not in the short run either!)

So we say don’t give up wine – it gives far too much pleasure as well as helping us relax and socialise, which are both so very healthy

But do give yourself some alcohol-free nights each week, and do cut down on how much you drink regularly

And do top up your relevant nutrient levels

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Did you know that

  • White wine typically contains 645 calories a bottle?
  • Red wine contains even more.
  • 3,500 calories (if not burned off) adds one pound in weight
  • So someone drinking half a bottle of white wine a day would take on 117,700 extra calories a year
  • That equates to about 34 pounds, 15 kilos or two and a half stone in weight gain a year (unless you are cutting back on calories elsewhere, or doing extra exercise)

Give me some good news!

  • A bottle of Botonique contains just 105 calories, less than one sixth that of wine.
  • A Champagne glass of Botonique contains just 18 calories. So much pleasure with so little sin!
  • So just by replacing half a bottle of wine with half a bottle of Botonique each day, you could lose over two stone in weight


Did you know that

  • Artificial sweeteners can trick the gut into expecting a delivery of calorific food?
  • This causes the digestive system to crank up
  • leading to cravings and a likely increase in how much you eat

The trick is to get satisfaction without sweetness.

Botonique is immensely stimulating and satisfying to the palate with little sweetness. No added sugar or artificial sweetness. Helping your taste buds get into good habits!


Did you know that

  • The fructose type of sugar in processed fruit juices can be just as disruptive to the body as table sugar?
  • Even adult drinks perceived as healthy or sophisticated typically contain high levels of total sugars and calories. It may surprise you:




Did you know that

  • Wine lovers get so many calories from their wine that they tend to cut back on food elsewhere, so miss out on nutrients?

  • Processing alcohol uses up a great many nutrients that the body also needs for other jobs

  • So wine lovers are often short on key nutrients

  • Which can be very damaging to short and long term healt

Give me some good news!

  • Botonique is packed with Prelixir® nutrients – relevant vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are the building blocks of life

  • So every time you replace a glass of wine with a glass of Botonique, you’ll be doing yourself a doubly good turn.

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The overall effect of these nutrients is alkalising, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, hydrating, de-toxifying and digestive


As the name suggests, Botonique is rich in botanical extracts, which provide the natural flavours as well as well as health benefits. We only name two of them – Milk Thistle Seed and Panax Ginseng – keeping the rest as our trade secret. But the secrecy doesn’t make them any less beneficial!