Botonique is entirely made and sourced in the UK, except for certain botanicals and vitamins which can only be sourced from overseas. It combines years of professional wine tasting experience with traditional herbal wisdom and modern nutritional science. To learn how and why it was developed, see Our Story


The steps behind the production of each bottle are as follows:


1) The flavour and goodness is extracted from the herbs, spices and other beneficial botanicals that make up that distinctive taste (sorry, it’s a secret!) in some cases using alcohol – the preferred method of apothecaries through the ages.


2) The alcohol is then distilled off to bring it back to being a soft drink


3) We add a little pear juice for a touch of sweetness


4) We add the Prelixir® nutrient blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids


5) Blend with pure water, gently carbonate, bottle and gently pasteurise


6) Cover in a sleeve to protect the nutrients from light


7) Wait for at least five weeks for the botanical extracts to integrate and the flavour evolve



The whole process takes immense care, expertise and patience. Your average soft drink bares no comparison!

The result is a deliciously dry, refreshingly crisp and intriguingly complex drink, with just 14 calories per 100 ml (less than a sixth the calories of most wines), and just 2.1 g total sugars (from the pear juice). This compares with a Sauvignon Blanc, for example, which would typically have around 1g total residual sugars on the one hand, and something like apple juice which typically has 10g sugars, or coke with 11g, on the other.