Non-alcoholic Wine


Looking for a good alcohol-free wine or wine alternative? So were we!

We absolutely love our wine, as you’d expect since our founder is a wine merchant, but we can’t always take the alcohol.

The trouble is, if you just remove the alcohol from wine, you are left with something not much more interesting than grape juice.  So we decided on a different approach.


Dramatically different

Botonique looks like Champagne in the glass, and has the same dryness level as a typical dry Prosecco, but it isn’t made with grapes. Unfermented grape juice is way too sweet, and de-alcoholised wine is just frustrating and dull.

Rather we have used alcohol to extract the goodness and the flavour from lots of different herbs, spices, citrus and healthy botanicals like ginseng. We then take out the alcohol and layer up the flavours to get the kind of complexity and length of finish you normally only get with good wine or Champagne.


So good for you!

Just 17 calories in a Champagne flute, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners. We just add a little pear juice for a touch of sweetness.

As well as the goodness from the botanical extracts, we also add Prelixir® nutrients, a special blend of vitamins that alcohol depletes, because we assume that, like us, most of you do still drink alcohol sometimes, and that really uses up nutrients.

If you don’t drink alcohol at all – congratulations! Prelixir® is still massively good for you. Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, de-toxifying, alkalysing, hydrating, digestive.


Amazing taste

The result is something with a COMPLETELY UNIQUE taste. It does not mimic the taste of wine. Lightly sparkling, it has the looks, dryness and mouth feel of dry Prosecco, gives you that same sense of specialness, but is massively better for you!

For many it is love at first sip. For others the unusual taste can take a bit of getting used to (as wine and beer initially did for us) but nearly everyone we ask says they like it more and more each time they drink it. Fittingly for a botanical drink, it grows on you! And in the meantime, simple additions can easily transform Botonique to suit nearly any tastes, so all can benefit from the nutrients.


Explore and Shop

Do look around the website to learn more about how Botonique is made, how it tastes, what reviewers say,  why it’s so good for you, serving suggestions to make the most of its amazingly versatile unique taste, and much more.

Then order by noon on a working day for delivery next working day, in most parts of the UK mainland.