BOTONIQUE -The Botanical Drink For Wine Lovers


De-alcoholised botanical extracts plus Prelixir nutrients that alcohol depletes, to help PACE drinking and REPLACE nutrients.

Delicious with wine, after wine, alongside wine or instead of wine.

We are proud to announce the imminent arrival of Botonique Blush ,due for release late June.

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Botonique ORIGINAL 2017 (2 x 750ml)
from 15.00

High notes from citrus and basil, base notes from pananx ginseng and milk thistle seed, with a host a flavour notes from many herbs and spices in between, and a long dry finish. The dryness of a dry prosecco, acidity of a Sauvignon Blanc, the minerality of an Albarino, but a completely unique flavour. No grapes involved and the alcohol used to extract the flavour and goodness has been removed. Great with fish, seafood, anti-pasti, Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine.

Botonique Blush 2018 (2 x 750ml)
from 15.00

The welcoming bouquet of strawberry, rose and bramble is matched on the front palette, then followed by a complex array of notes from spices and herbs, and a refreshingly dry, lingering finish.

Great with Asian cuisine, afternoon teas and Summer days on the lawn.

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