WHEN IT’S WINE-O’CLOCK, you really fancy a rewarding glass of white wine, Prosecco, a Pimms or a G&T, but you’re not drinking alcohol right now - THAT’S BOTONIQUE PRIME TIME.

ALL EVENING – have a whole night without alcohol. We are all told that taking two alcohol-free nights a week makes a huge difference to long term health.

LUNCHTIME – Is your lunch crying out for wine but you need to stay sober? Botonique is the answer.

As a PACER DRINK – keep a glass of Botonique next to your glass of wine (red or white). It will help you slow down wine consumption and is the only drink we know to actually complement most wines

END OF EVENING - after enjoying good wines and good food in good company, we find it really hard to stop drinking. But switching to Botonique is no problem at all. You’ll hardly notice it isn’t alcoholic.

For a SLOW START – staying off wine until you are eating is really beneficial

As a “SORBET DRINK” – if your pallet is getting overpowered by rich flavours, Botonique is a great palette cleanser